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Instruments of Peace is a small group of people who love peace and believe that World Peace is achievable but requires the contribution of every human being living on this planet. That contribution manifests in many forms and emanates from deep within the human heart. Since the year 2000, the founders of Instruments of Peace have journeyed together and dedicated themselves to promoting awareness that each one of us can be instrumental to achieving global peace. They devoted their first ten years to interior spiritual work, nurturing that peace that comes from within. The public events created by the motley crew of IoP volunteers are geared towards celebrating the U.N. International Day of Peace on 21st September, joining with hundreds of millions of people around the world who comemmorate this day as a call to re-dedicate oneself to PEACE. In 2010, 21st September was celebrated by Instruments of Peace at The Helix with their first public event, "Four Seasons of Peace" concert involving 150 performers from different parts of Ireland and from Europe, who came with surprises and/or performed specific roles. Each year, thereafter, their events grew from one hour, to one day, to a whole weekend and this year, a whole week. Above is a playlist of videos we have produced through the years. Below, you can catch a glimpse of what we have been up to in promoting our World Peace Festival Week, 14th to 21st September 2014. On the left, you'll see our current campaigns as they change every month. If you wish to join us, please click here to contact us. You are very welcome to join us in our story of peace so far.

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Can we cry out loud without a sound? Let us cry: 'WE WANT PEACE' not just for some, but for everyone! Let us BAKE BREAD FOR PEACE on Friday, 24th October 2014, the 69th Birthday of the United Nations. Please join us by creating your U.N. Birthday Party in your own home or wherever you wish. Please share the idea with others. To download the poster, click on the image below. It will open in a new screen. Right click on the image, save the poster and forward to all your friends.


Below is the U.N. International Day of Peace poster for 2014. The theme "The Right of Peoples to Peace" commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the U.N. General Assembly Declaration on the Rights of Peoples to Peace. This year's theme reaffirms the purpose on which the United Nations was founded. It reminds us that Peace is a prerequisite for the enjoyment of all human rights and fulfilment of human development, economic prosperity and environmental sustainability.  


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Instruments of Peace wish express sincere thanks to Grant Thornton, in particular, Turlough Mullen, for their Pro Bono services in auditing the Instruments of Peace account of 2012.  

Instruments of Peace consider Grant Thornton as partners in the mission of Peace. Click on the Grant Thornton logo above to be directed to their website. 

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